The Essential Work of Sanctuary’s Social Workers

This March, as we celebrate National Social Work Month, we delve deeper into the heart of Sanctuary for Families’ mission, showcasing the specialized and compassionate work our social workers do every day.

Our team of more than 80 social workers provides evidenced-based, trauma-focused therapies and support to survivors of gender violence across diverse communities, including LGBTQ+ individuals, unaccompanied minor immigrant children, and survivors of trafficking, female genital mutilation/cutting, and forced marriage. Their work is tailored, sensitive, and inclusive, focusing on the unique needs of survivors, including immigrant groups such as the West African and South Asian communities.

Here is an overview of the outstanding work led by Sanctuary’s social workers:

Individual Counseling

At the core of our services, individual counseling provides a safe space for survivors of all ages and backgrounds to share their stories and embark on a healing journey. Our social workers are trained to address the profound emotional and psychological barriers survivors face post-abuse.

Group Counseling

Surviving abuse is often a solitary journey filled with challenges. Through group counseling facilitated by our social workers and art and drama therapists, we offer a supportive environment where clients can find healing and strength in the stories of others, fostering a sense of community and shared resilience.

Case Management

Our comprehensive case management services ensure that survivors’ multifaceted needs are met. From securing housing and accessing food pantries to navigating public benefits and accompanying clients to important appointments, our social workers are there every step of the way, ensuring stability and support in all life areas.

Crisis Intervention

Our helpline and crisis intervention services are lifelines for those seeking immediate escape from violence. Safety planning and support are readily available to clients and families in their most critical times of need.

Survivor Leadership

Empowerment is key in breaking the cycle of abuse. Our Survivor Leadership program offers clients who have moved beyond their abusive relationships the chance to become peer educators and advocates, contributing their voices to raise awareness and foster community outreach.

Children & Family Services

Understanding that children and families bear the brunt of domestic violence, our Children and Family Services Program is designed to minimize the effects of violence on young lives, support family healing, and prevent the intergenerational cycle of abuse. Through a variety of trauma-informed therapeutic interventions, including TF-CBT, play therapy, and group counseling, we cater to the emotional and psychological well-being of children and teens.

Our educational advocacy, tutoring, childcare, and parenting support services ensure that families have the resources and support needed to navigate the challenges of school, life transitions, and parenting after violence.

As we honor National Social Work Month, we recognize the profound impact of our social workers at Sanctuary for Families. Their dedication, expertise, and compassion are pivotal in our mission to support survivors and advocate for a world free from gender violence. Their work embodies the essence of social work—empowering individuals and communities towards healing, justice, and change.