Pathways to Economic Stability
A Lifeline for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence


Meet our panelists and moderators:

Worker-Owner, United Community Consultants
Health Promoter,
Planned Parenthood of Greater New York

Maria was born in Puebla, Mexico, and immigrated to New York City in 1999. Maria is passionate about advocating for marginalized communities, especially the Latinx and immigrant communities in New York. She is a worker-owner of United Community Consulting Cooperative in NYC, led by Latina women who focus on providing exceptional professional services to local organizations. She works as an Adult Sexuality Educator for the Latinx community through Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. She volunteers with multiple community organizations, including Sanctuary for Families at  Survivor Leader’s Coalition. Her involvement in this work has allowed her to provide important information to the community about domestic violence and healthy relationships. Recently, she was honored to become a member of Sanctuary’s board. Additionally, Maria is a volunteer promoter at Mixteca, a Brooklyn-based community organization, where she helps facilitate presentations on topics like Public Charge and Know Your Rights. She is a housing advocate and worked with Samuels Group as a shelter and housing consultant. She also assists community members with filling out applications for Fair Fares, IDNYC, and appointments for the Mexican Consulate.