On March 9, 2023, Sanctuary hosted a ground-breaking forum where gender violence experts discussed technology-facilitated abuse, which includes but is not limited to the non-consensual dissemination, or threat of dissemination, of sexual images (sometimes referred to as “revenge porn”), hacking, stalking, spoofing, harassment, identity theft, and impersonation.

Watch the panel recording below to learn about current challenges, innovative strategies to mitigate risks, and how to provide survivors with the necessary resources for safety, healing, and empowerment.


Special thanks to our partners at Latham & Watkins LLP for hosting this event.

Meet our panelists and moderators:

End Cyber Abuse

Nishma is a facilitator, educator, and activist who has been organizing for liberation and working to build anti-oppressive spaces for the last 10 years.

Nishma works within and at the intersections of various areas, including digital rights, gender justice, labor rights, antiracism, generative conflict, transformative justice, and community accountability, especially among South Asian diasporas.

Nishma co-wrote ‘Orbits: a global field guide to advance intersectional, survivor-centred and trauma-informed interventions to TGBV‘ and is working on imagining abolitionist futures for tech.