On March 9, 2023, Sanctuary hosted a ground-breaking forum where gender violence experts discussed technology-facilitated abuse, which includes but is not limited to the non-consensual dissemination, or threat of dissemination, of sexual images (sometimes referred to as “revenge porn”), hacking, stalking, spoofing, harassment, identity theft, and impersonation.

Watch the panel recording below to learn about current challenges, innovative strategies to mitigate risks, and how to provide survivors with the necessary resources for safety, healing, and empowerment.


Special thanks to our partners at Latham & Watkins LLP for hosting this event.

Meet our panelists and moderators:

Senior Advocacy Officer
Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women

Jacey Kan is an advocate for gender justice in Hong Kong. She joined the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women (ACSVAW) as an advocacy officer in 2018.

Working at ACSVAW, Jacey has dedicated herself to advocating for reviews and reforms of sexual offenses, sexual assault crisis center policy, and defending victims’ rights in judicial systems.

Prior to ACSAW, Jacey had been working to promote gender budgeting and gender mainstreaming to local community organizations and the Government.