Your support makes it easier for New Yorkers to
leave abuse behind

“What does it take for victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking to leave their abusers and find safety and stability?”  “And why don’t they just leave?”

We hear these questions all the time at Sanctuary for Families, but the barriers to leaving can be daunting. Poverty, immigration status, trauma, lack of affordable housing, racism, and fear of losing child custody are just a few of the obstacles that perpetuate domestic violence – the shadow pandemic that has been ravaging our communities long before COVID-19. Sanctuary helps survivors break down each and every obstacle.

We provide survivors of abuse with the information, support, and tools to overcome these obstacles.  Counseling to heal the wounds of trauma. Legal representation to navigate orders of protection, divorce, custody, family, and immigration matters. Career-readiness training to enable survivors to become financially independent. And shelter for a safe and secure temporary home free from violence and abuse.

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