Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP Represents Survivor in International Child Abduction Trial Victory

At this year’s Above & Beyond Awards, Sanctuary for Families is thrilled to honor a team of dedicated Davis Polk attorneys.

At this year’s Above & Beyond Awards, Sanctuary for Families will honor Ms. A’s dedicated team of Davis Polk attorneys who achieved a remarkable win in a multi-day federal trial that will help Ms. A and her children stay together in the United States.

The Davis Polk team consists of members from both the New York and Madrid offices, including associates Brendan A. Blase, Mollie E. Hamel, Meredith Manning, James Y. Park, Ryann Moelis, Matthew Stratis Vasilakos, Zoë Smith, Maria Morris, and Paul Shortell; former associate Emma Schwartz; Foreign Associate Jacqueline Berkenstadt; Counsel and Head of Pro Bono Litigation Dara L. Sheinfeld; Chief Pro Bono Counsel Amelia T.R. Starr; and Counsel Ester del Valle Izquierdo.

After Ms. A fled Spain with her two children, her abusive former intimate partner initiated proceedings in both Spain and New York to return the children to him in Spain. Ms. A was determined to remain in New York and maintain the stable and loving environment she had built for her family, and remain with the community that had welcomed her and children in New York, away from the abusive environment in Spain. Ms. A worked with her incredible team of Davis Polk attorneys to quickly prepare for the fast-approaching bench trial to prevent the return of the children to their father.

Shortly after Ms. A’s intake with Sanctuary for Families, Davis Polk assembled a super team of lawyers at all levels to represent her in a proceeding filed pursuant to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (the “Hague Convention”) in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Davis Polk Associate Zoë Smith described Ms. A as “an incredible woman. She’s so resilient and joyful, and put so much faith and trust in us.” With the trial fast approaching, Zoë and associate Ryann Moelis became very close with Ms. A, learning how to support her from a trauma-informed perspective. “The case only goes as well as your client feels,” Ryann said. Zoë and Ryann worked extensively with Ms. A at her own pace to ensure she was completely comfortable and ready for her testimony at trial. At the same time, Associate Mollie Hamel and other associates engaged in extensive drafting to respond to Ms. A’s former partner’s constant filing of motions. In addition to close client contact and drafting, another benefit Davis Polk’s innovative pro bono team model provides is assigning an associate to each of the witnesses – in this case nine – to be presented at trial. The associates were responsible for preparing the witnesses, drafting outlines, and ultimately for conducting direct or cross-examination. At the beginning of the trial, in order for less seasoned attorneys to gain courtroom experience, Davis Polk requested – and the judge allowed – certain rules and structure to allow associates to address the court and present oral argument while supported by more senior attorneys. As a result, Davis Polk associates developed new skills and gained important training, all while diligently fighting on behalf of Ms. A.

As part of their defense of Ms. A, the Davis Polk team successfully argued that Ms. A’s children were well settled in their new home and community as evidenced by their success in school and sports, regular participation in church activities, and connections with local family.  Additionally, the court agreed with the team’s showing – with the aid of an expert – that Ms. A’s older child was mature enough to have their desire to stay in New York with their mother and sibling considered by the court.  Finally, the court determined that even though Ms. A’s younger child was not mature enough to weigh in on the decision about whether they would return to Spain, the siblings were so bonded that they should not be separated.  Ultimately, the court decided that the children should not be returned to Spain under the Hague Convention and should stay in New York together with their mother to continue to grow and flourish.  Notably, in a footnote in the opinion, the court commended the Davis Polk team “for the vigor and skill with which they litigated this difficult case, and for their donation of substantial time and resources.  Their pro bono work on this case has been in the finest tradition of this District.”

Ms. A and her pro bono team’s work together to successfully obtain the favorable decision will help Ms. A continue to build safety, security, and community for her children.

Nicole Fidler, Director of Sanctuary’s Pro Bono Project, was thrilled when Dara L. Sheinfeld, Counsel and Head of Pro Bono Litigation at Davis Polk, agreed to take on Ms. A’s federal Hague Convention case:

“After Dara and I met with Ms. A a few times to better understand the history of abuse and Ms. A’s possible defenses, Dara enthusiastically agreed to build a litigation team at Davis Polk to represent Ms. A.  Dara and Davis Polk always do a phenomenal job representing survivors, and this was no exception.  This was a powerhouse team that strategically handled every challenge thrown at them throughout the case – and there were many.  I was constantly impressed by their dedication, compassion, and lawyering skills.  This was a hard-fought win, and I am so grateful for all the work they did in partnership with Ms. A, and for everything Davis Polk attorneys do to help survivors of gender-based violence.”

While the district court judge issued a favorable decision for Ms. A and the Davis Polk team, her former partner has appealed the decision to the Second Circuit. Fortunately, Ms. A and the Davis Polk team are already working together on the appeal.

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Anastasia Regne is an associate with the Employment, Pensions & Incentives team at Herbert Smith Freehills in New York and a member of Sanctuary for Families’ Pro Bono Council.

Davis Polk Attorneys Fight for Immigrant Survivor of Sex Trafficking

At this year’s Above & Beyond Awards, Sanctuary is honoring a team of attorneys from Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP for their tireless pro bono work on behalf of “Maria,” a trans survivor of sex trafficking.

Melissa D. James is a Senior Associate at a boutique employment law firm, specializing in Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability. She is also an Adjunct Professor and member of Sanctuary’s Pro Bono Council.

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” – Kathy Calvin, CEO & President of the United Nations Foundation

At this year’s Above & Beyond Awards, Sanctuary is honoring a team of attorneys from Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP for their tireless pro bono work on behalf of “Maria,” a trans survivor of sex trafficking. The incredible team, consisting of Joshua Sills and David Robles, was successful in helping Maria vacate two outstanding criminal warrants and ultimately secure a T-Visa.

Drawing Parallels

Maria started grappling with her gender identity in her early teens, back in the early 2000s, while living in her home country of Mexico. As she began to transition at the age of fourteen, Maria would come to face horrible backlash and even violence from her parents. One day she came home from school to find that her father, in a rage, had set all of her belongings on fire. This prompted Maria to leave her parents’ home immediately and move to Mexico City where, like many transgender youth without familial support, she was forced to live on the streets. By the age of fifteen, Maria was residing in a group home and waiting tables to earn money. It was there where she met the older man who would later rape and force her into the world of trafficking.  He brought Maria to the U.S. and as soon as they crossed the border, he took her to her new “home”—a house where she was forced to have sex with the men who lived there as well as other men who came for the purpose of buying sex.  Maria eventually managed to escape with the help of a childhood friend who was also living in the United States. She ended up in New York City and was arrested for prostitution but, luckily, was referred to the Human Trafficking Intervention Court in Brooklyn where she was connected to Sanctuary and, ultimately, to Davis Polk.

In sheer contrast, Josh, who is the same age as Maria, lived a life free from such a dark reality. In fact, Josh expressed that “going through life, not understanding” the challenges others face is a “real eye-opener and a motivator to do more” to help victims of sexual abuse and exploitation. So, when the time came to face an unexpected obstacle, the Davis Polk team did not hesitate in taking the necessary steps to help Maria vacate two outstanding criminal warrants that could have jeopardized her T-Visa application.  As Josh so humbly stated, “passing it [the task] on to anyone else was not even a thought.”

Blazing a Path

As part of the T-Visa application, clients must provide proof that they cooperated with reasonable requests for assistance in the investigation or prosecution of acts of trafficking. This proof often comes in the form of a law enforcement “certification.”  At the time that Josh and David were working on Maria’s case, no trafficking survivor had yet to obtain this type of certification from the Brooklyn Human Trafficking Intervention Court (“HTIC”).  Working with Maria to prepare her for an in chamber interview with a Brooklyn HTIC Judge, Josh and David were able to help Maria obtain this critical certification from the Judge, blazing a path in Brooklyn for future survivors.

The Game Changer

During the process of preparing Maria’s T-Visa application, the Davis Polk team learned that it could be compromised unless two outstanding criminal warrants were resolved. Without hesitation, the team reached out to Red Hook Community Justice Center (“RHCJC”) and got the cases placed on the calendar to be heard before a criminal law judge. At the hearing the team made an application to vacate the outstanding warrants that was granted by the presiding judge. Josh remembers Maria initially being scared, however he recognized her resilience and admired her for her strength. At the end, Maria was granted a T-Visa and could now truly move on from her past.

The Golden Standard

Amy Hsieh, Sanctuary’s Senior Staff Attorney, had an opportunity to work closely with the Davis Polk team and expressed that they provided “the perfect combination of support for Maria.” “Their legal work was of course outstanding,” said Hsieh, “but they also formed a true bond with their client so much so that Josh—even though he is now in Spain—continues to help her as needed from afar.” She noted that the Davis Polk team was very passionate, stepped outside the box and treated Maria like any other client who walked through Davis Polk’s doors. In her eyes, the way that the Davis Polk team took the lead to handle this arduous obstacle represents a level of dedication that she wishes could be the standard for all pro bono work.

What brings true value to the Davis Polk team is that both Josh and David understand the time and effort that it takes to provide exceptional pro bono representation. In fact, prior to joining Davis Polk both Josh and David regularly participated in complex pro bono opportunities. In law school, David worked closely with victims of domestic abuse and prior to law school, Josh was involved with Immigration Equality – the leading national LGBTQ immigrant rights organization. David expressed that working with Sanctuary has been invaluable and has shaped him into a better attorney. Similarly, Josh feels blessed to work so closely with Sanctuary and often thinks deeply about the struggles that face so many victims of sex trafficking. This vast contrast in life is what drives him to continue doing this type of work – the notion that sometimes we live a life so secluded oblivious to the fact that there is someone else so close living a life that mirrors a nightmare.

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Davis Polk Attorneys Help Trafficking Victim Tell Her Story, Secure T-Visa, and Aid in the Successful Prosecution of Her Traffickers

At this year’s Above & Beyond Awards, we’re honoring a team of attorneys from Davis Polk & Wardwell, LLP for their dedicated advocacy on behalf of their client, “Jie,” in her successful T-Visa application. Read to learn more.

Sam Zeidman is a Software Developer at Red Rabbit, LLC in New York. From 2012 through 2017 he was an associate at Davis Polk & Wardwell in the Litigation Department.

At this year’s Above & Beyond Pro Bono Achievement Awards and Benefit, Sanctuary for Families is honoring a team of attorneys from Davis Polk & Wardwell, LLP for their dedicated and powerful advocacy on behalf of their client, “Jie,” in her successful T-Visa application. The team consisted of former associate Lisa Doolittle, Associates Hanbing Zhang and Iris Hsiao, Partner Po Sit, and Special Counsel for Pro Bono Sharon Katz.

A Nexus of Vulnerability: From Domestic Abuse to Trafficking

Jie was living in China, married with children to an abusive husband. After their divorce her ex-husband took custody of their children because Jie lacked the financial resources to raise them. Jie sought employment so that she could earn money to win back custody of her children. She found what she thought was a promising job cleaning houses in the U.S. Despite not speaking English and having no connections in the U.S., she took the job.

Upon arrival in the U.S., it immediately became clear to Jie that the job she was promised was a sham. Instead, she was expected to engage in sexual acts in hotels and massage parlors. From the moment of entry to the U.S., every aspect of Jie’s life was controlled by her traffickers; unable to speak the language and with no one to reach out to, she felt helpless.

Despite the painful and frightening circumstances, Jie persisted in seeking a way out and never gave up hope that she would one day escape her traffickers.

After an Arrest, Another Legal Avenue

Jie was arrested on vice charges and was referred to New York’s Human Trafficking Intervention Court, where she was referred to Sanctuary’s Queens Trafficking Intervention Pro Bono Project (QTIPP) that, among other things, allowed her to meet with lawyers to discuss possible legal and immigration options.

Lisa Doolittle and Hanbing Zhang were the QTIPP volunteer attorneys for Jie’s legal consultation. Doolittle credits Zhang, a native Mandarin speaker, for forging a strong connection in a short time, which helped them gather enough information to determine that Jie was a good candidate for a T-Visa and quickly volunteered to represent her.  Lori L. Cohen, the Director of the Anti-Trafficking Initiative at Sanctuary for Families, supervised the team and agreed Jie had a compelling case:

“This is a woman who was clearly trafficked, promised a job that didn’t exist, charged fictitious fees, kidnapped, held in a hotel, and raped by men paying to have sex when she did not agree.”

After an extensive series of meetings with Jie to establish their relationship, the DPW team began to advocate on her behalf as she cooperated with law enforcement into the investigation, arrest and prosecution of her traffickers, an emotionally challenging process. Sharon Katz noted that Jie “was initially very wary, even distrustful” of her new attorneys, understandable given her situation.

In addition to participating as a victim-witness in the criminal case, she was skeptical about the US immigration system, particularly the T-Visa process; like many other victims, she already had engaged an attorney who had filed an asylum application and said it was making progress. As Doolittle put it, “In her mind, why would attorneys who worked for free be high quality attorneys, especially compared to her paid attorney who repeatedly assured her he was making advancements in her asylum case?” (The team did not believe the asylum claim would prevail. Cohen said it was common for unscrupulous attorneys to charge women like Jie exorbitant fees up front but deliver very little. Because of the fees, women are drawn deeper in debt and may feel they need to continue working at massage parlors in order to pay it off.)

Meanwhile, the T-Visa process took time and required Jie to share information about some of the worst experiences of her life in great detail and to overcome cultural norms against speaking out about one’s bosses and revealing shameful events.  Moreover, she worried about retribution.

Patience and Persistence from Attorneys and Client

Over the course of a year, with great perseverance, the DPW team gradually gained Jie’s trust. Cohen said the team’s approach was key to making her comfortable with the process.

“They treated her with dignity, respect, patience, and compassion. Their humanity for this woman really came through as they quickly put together a strong, moving, powerful application.”

For their part, the attorneys believe Jie herself deserves most of the credit. Zhang stated,

“She was hesitant to share her story but also believed it was wrong for women to be treated as she was. She had a strong sense of justice and felt that the situation could not go on forever.”

Jie’s T-Visa application was eventually granted and her traffickers convicted.  The effect on Jie was noticeable. Katz said,

“A different part of her came through. She was smiling and outgoing, a change from the initial meetings.”

Iris Hsiao, who is working on the derivative visas for Jie’s children, noted that,

“[Jie] seems extremely hopeful and has more confidence in the process. Before she thought the application was pointless and would take forever, but she saw that waiting paid off in the end.”

As Doolittle put it,

“A burden was lifted. She has T-visa status and no longer has to live every day with the fear over her head that she will be sent back to China.”

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Davis Polk Team Changes Lives of U-Visa Applicants with Impact Litigation

Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP has been a pro bono partner of Sanctuary for Families for more than 25 years, assisting Sanctuary on a variety of matters. When Sanctuary asked for help pursuing precedent-setting impact litigation on behalf of crime victims facing excessively long processing times when petitioning for U-nonimmigrant status (also known as “U-visa applications”), Davis Polk stepped up again.

Alex is an associate with Pollack Solomon Duffy LLP and a member of Sanctuary’s Pro Bono Council.

Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP has been a pro bono partner of Sanctuary for Families for more than 25 years, assisting Sanctuary on a variety of matters.  When Sanctuary asked for help pursuing precedent-setting impact litigation on behalf of crime victims facing excessively long processing times when petitioning for U-nonimmigrant status (also known as “U-visa applications”), Davis Polk stepped up again. 

U-visa applicants forced to wait 2 years for employment eligibility

The Davis Polk team, led by associate Scott Wilcox, with Special Counsel for Pro Bono Sharon Katz, and associates Caroline Stern and Surya Gopalan, represented a group of Sanctuary clients with pending U-visa applications. Over the past 10 years, Sanctuary and its pro bono partners (including Davis Polk) have filed hundreds of U-visa applications on behalf of some of Sanctuary’s most impoverished and marginalized clients.

U-visa applicants now typically face processing times by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) of approximately two years.  During that time, applicants are often not granted Employment Authorization Documents (EADs).  Without EADs, it is difficult for victims (many of whom are survivors of domestic violence) to support their families and rebuild their lives free of abuse.  Facing a 22+ month processing time before they are eligible to receive EADs, clients remain in fear of removal and vulnerable to homelessness, ongoing abuse, and poverty.  Sanctuary reached out to Davis Polk to help these clients obtain EADs while their U-visa applications were pending. 

Davis Polk team gets to work

The Davis Polk team quickly got to work. The team conducted extensive legal research and developed a litigation strategy to maximize the likelihood of a positive outcome for the clients. The Davis Polk team prepared a federal complaint and motion papers, engaged in extensive settlement negotiations with the United States Attorney’s Office (which represented the various government agencies involved), and ultimately reached a favorable resolution for all of the plaintiffs.

Thanks to the team’s efforts, the clients, who had been forced to live in fear while USCIS held their applications in abeyance, have received considerable protection, solace, and comfort. Many of the plaintiffs already have obtained full-time employment and are now able to support their families in the United States.  For Surya, working on the case was a stark reminder of the importance of being part of a community that is compassionate and provides support where it’s most needed—in this case, to crime victims struggling for the basic right to work and support themselves and their families.

Reflecting on a successful outcome

Scott, who also serves on Sanctuary’s Legal Advisory Council, is thankful for the continued opportunity to collaborate with Sanctuary, noting that Sanctuary’s “team of professionals has proven time and time again that they’re amazing to work with, and this experience was no exception.”  Carolien Hardenbol, Co-Director of the Immigration Intervention Project at Sanctuary for Families, praised the Davis Polk team:

“They left no stone unturned in preparing the strongest possible case for our clients.”

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