Pro Bono Council

The Pro Bono Council (PBC) engages young professionals in serving Sanctuary’s clients and ending gender violence. PBC members provide pro bono legal representation in connection with Sanctuary’s Legal Center, and plan children’s events, special service projects and in-kind drives. The PBC also hosts Sanctuary’s annual Above & Beyond Pro Bono Achievement Awards and Benefit.

For more information or to join the PBC, email

PBC Chair
Sharon Barbour

Justin Cohen
Lisa Coutu
Francesca Fulchignoni
Tushna Gamadia
Paige Geier
Wendy Gu
Madeline Medeiros Pereira
Mark Mixon
Ryann Moelis
Jack Nelson
Kate Powers
Naina Rasheed
Anastasia Regne
Elena Rizzo
Irina Sivachenko
Zoë Smith
Nicole Vescova
Lucy Wolf
Suzy Yaster