How President Trump’s Executive Orders Affect Our Immigrant Families

Carmen Rey is the Deputy Director of  Sanctuary for Families’ Immigration Intervention Project.

Last week, President Trump’s executive orders on immigration and border security sent shock waves across the U.S. The mandates included in these orders communicate a harsh and inhumane reality and have instilled a paralyzing fear in our immigrant communities. Although some of these mandates have been called political theatrics and cannot be effected without a change of current (immigration and other) laws and Congressional support, we fear that it is only a matter of time before laws are modified to reflect the President’s agenda.

The chart below provides some insights into how the lives of our clients will be affected by President Trump’s executive orders.

*Individuals from other majority Muslim countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Algeria and Jordan are now also being held, as these countries appear to fall under the “other countries of interest” category.