T-Adjustment of Status (T-AOS)

T nonimmigrant status (the correct term for someone who holds a “T-visa”)  is a form

T nonimmigrant status (the correct term for someone who holds a “T-visa”)  is a form of immigration relief created by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (“TVPA”), passed by Congress in 2000 and reauthorized in 2003, 2005, 2008, 2013 and 2018. This relief provides victims of severe forms of trafficking who have cooperated with law enforcement an opportunity to gain immigration status in the U.S.

Individuals with T-Status are entitled to live and work in the U.S., and are eligible for all public benefits. The T-Status lasts up to four years, and a T recipient can apply to adjust their status into lawful permanent residency (i.e., a green card), either as soon as (i) the investigation or prosecution they are cooperating with is complete or (ii) after three years of having T-Status, whichever is sooner. This page will help in the case of an adjustment of status.

For a T visa application, please refer to our T visa resource page.

ImportantUSCIS changes it immigration forms often.  Before submitting any immigration application always check with the USCIS web site to make sure you have the most current version of the immigration form.  Please also always triple-check the correct filing fee at the USCIS website before filing. We also strongly recommend you refer to this page for guidance on filing forms to USCIS to ensure that your application does not get rejected.