Kate Bieber Ogg: Volunteering to End Gender Violence

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Kate Bieber Ogg has been involved as a Sanctuary volunteer on and off for nearly 10 years.

Kate first heard about Sanctuary in 2000 through her interest in issues surrounding gender violence and women’s rights. She began volunteering with other organizations tackling those issues during her college career, and officially began volunteering with Sanctuary in 2002 as a law student participating in the Courtroom Advocates Project.

“I believe in the importance of telling our community, and showing my children, that gender issues are crucial in today’s society,” says Kate. “Organizations like Sanctuary demonstrate that we will not turn a blind eye to the pervasive issues of gender violence.”

Over the years, Kate primarily volunteered as a ‘Holiday Helper’ during the holiday season, simultaneously contributing to the Adopt-a-Family Program and other various events. In 2014, she decided to increase her commitment to the organization and began volunteering two days a week within the Development Department.

Kate has provided tremendous help in organizing events, reaching out to current and prospective donors, doing research, and tracking and thanking supporters.

“I love hearing about the positive experiences of staff and clients alike, but I find it most rewarding to spread the word about Sanctuary’s work,” Kate says.

“Whenever I have the opportunity to speak to someone who has never heard of Sanctuary, and the conversation eventually turns into ongoing support in the form of a donation or volunteering, I know my work is meaningful.”

By giving her time as a volunteer, Kate has learned that the power of people to organizations like Sanctuary is critical.

We are so grateful to Kate for her incredible service, and look forward to honoring her at Pillars of Change on May 5, 2016.

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