Stories of Survival

Hear from our incredible clients

Amy secured a positive future for her and her family.

In June 2015, Amy was in a domestic violence shelter with her 4-year old son Darren, pregnant, afraid and unsure of her future. Today, with Sanctuary’s help, Amy and her two children are living in their own apartment and Amy is working in the human resources department at a major New York City law firm. Amy’s odyssey started when she met Samuel, and their relationship quickly blossomed.

“Everything was fine – it was actually good – until I got pregnant,” said Amy.

It was then that the abuse started. Over the months and years it escalated, and finally became so bad that she knew she had to leave. Pregnant with her second child, Amy and her son fled to a confidential domestic violence shelter in Brooklyn. While in shelter, Amy was referred to Sanctuary’s Economic Empowerment Program, a job training program with the goal of placing participants in career-track jobs.

At first she wasn’t sure if she could handle the rigorous schedule – Sanctuary’s program required strict attendance five days a week from 9:30am – 2:30pm. But she was energized by the classes, and prided herself on never being late and never missing a day.

“I told myself, I am going to see this through.”

A month before graduation, Amy gave birth to Raquiba, a beautiful baby girl, and just two weeks later was back at Sanctuary to take her final exam. Following graduation and with Sanctuary’s assistance, Amy secured an internship at a law firm and a grant to help with basic expenses. In June 2016, she landed an interview for a permanent position.

“Coming to the interview was nerve wracking – but I did my research and I felt really confident.”

The security of a living-wage job has made all the difference in Amy’s life. She knows she can afford to live on her own and support her children, free from her abuser. She was able to move into her own apartment, knowing that she has a paycheck she can depend on.

“Every day I wake up and I say, ‘I got this.’ And I could not have done this without Sanctuary.”