Hilda Sanchez: A volunteer, and a part of the team.

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Hilda Sanchez has been volunteering with Sanctuary for Families for more than two years.

Hilda was initially connected to the organization through her friend and Sanctuary staff member, Sandra Cabal.

“I learned from Sandra about the services Sanctuary provides to support clients in times of crisis, and I was inspired to take action and get involved as a volunteer,” recounts Hilda.

Over the past two years, Hilda has dedicated her time to Sanctuary’s Clinical Administration team, where she spends up to twenty hours per week assisting with critical data entry work, scanning and filling client files, and a variety of other tasks as needed.

Hilda takes on her volunteering responsibility with pride and devotion. “Thanks to Hilda we have been able to become more organized,” says Sandra.

“Because she helps with the things that usually get pushed for later (i.e. filing, scanning, creating electronic files, archiving closed files, etc.), we are able to focus on deadlines and other work that requires our immediate attention.

“More than a volunteer Hilda has become part of our team and we feel pride when staff often comment of her dedication and tells us how lucky we are to have her around.”

Sandra’s feelings of pride and thankfulness for Hilda are very much mutual.

“It is an honor to work with my colleagues in Clinical Administration,” Hilda says.

We are so grateful to Hilda for her incredible service, and look forward to honoring her at Pillars of Change on May 5, 2016.

You can join us at Pillars of Change by registering now. We hope to see you there!