From NYC to Niagara: Biking to End Gender-Based Violence

5 bikers. 5 days. 520 miles.

On Wednesday, August 29th, a group of Sanctuary supporters set off from Central Park in the pre-dawn hours for a bike ride they’ve been planning and training for over many months. Over the course of five days, this amazing team will bike more than 500 miles from New York City to Niagara Falls, raising both money for Sanctuary and awareness about gender-based violence along the way.

Meet the Riders

Nelson first became familiar with Sanctuary in 2016 when his wife, Ashley, began volunteering with our Volunteer Program. Even after Ashley completed her volunteer gig, Nelson remained impressed with Sanctuary’s wrap-around services and committed staff, and was determined to find ways to raise money through a bike ride. Last spring, he applied for and received an employee grant for Sanctuary through his company, Subsequently, he and Ashley began a series of planning expeditions for this ambitious multi-day ride. Supported only by their fantastic volunteer spirit, the took multiple vacation days and weeks from their busy jobs for trips upstate to plan routes, rest stops, motels, and every last detail.

John works in Sanctuary’s Development & Communications Department as our Director of Institutional Giving. In his off time, John bikes with Nelson and enjoys time with his wife Vanessa and their two children all of whom may meet him at the finish line on Sunday – fingers crossed!

Tim is a motivational speaker and corporate mentor. Though he lives in Sydney, Australia, Tim is traveling 10,000 miles across the world in order to participate in this ride.

 is also traveling from Sydney to participate in this ride. Ricky is an avid charity biker who has done numerous rides with Nelson in the past. He is also an adventurous traveler who completed both the Camino de Santiago, a 30-day hike in Spain, as well as the trek to Base Camp on Everest last year.

Angad is a colleague of Nelson’s and lives in New Jersey. Though, Angad has done considerable charity work, this will be Angad’s first long distance charity bike ride. Wish him luck!

And the Crew

Driving alongside these intrepid bikers will be Ashley and Jennifer. Ashley became familiar with Sanctuary while volunteering her data analytics skills to improve the tracking system for our Volunteer Program. She will be accompanied by Jennifer, also originally from Australia, who is flying in from the West Coast to assist with driving and organizing.

The Route

DAY 1 (8/29) – New York City (Central Park) to Poughkeepsie

DAY 2 (8/30) – Poughkeepsie to Delhi

DAY 3 (8/31) – Delhi to Ithaca

DAY 4 (9/1) – Ithaca to Pittsford

DAY 5 (9/2) – Pittsford to Niagara Falls


The team is a little over half-way to reaching their $10,000 goal.

Donate today and help them reach their goal before the end of their ride! 

Follow Along

To learn more about their ride, check out their Facebook page!

Fundraise for Sanctuary

If bike riding 520 miles doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, don’t worry. There are many other ways you can make an impact. Contact Hannah Patridge, our Manager of Individual Giving, if you’re interested in starting your own fundraiser for survivors of gender violence.

For those who enjoy running and/or biking for charity (but maybe not 520 miles!), you can also email Hannah for more info on our TCS New York City Marathon and TD Five Boro Bike Tour teams.