CSW67 Parallel Event

Panel Discussion

Technology-Facilitated Gender Violence


A ground-breaking forum where gender violence experts discussed technology-facilitated abuse, which includes but is not limited to the non-consensual dissemination, or threat of dissemination, of sexual images (sometimes referred to as “revenge porn”), hacking, stalking, spoofing, harassment, identity theft, and impersonation.

Watch the panel recording to learn about current challenges, innovative strategies to mitigate risks, and how to provide survivors with the necessary resources for safety, healing, and empowerment.


Honza Červenka
Senior Associate, McAllister Olivarius

Hera Hussain
Founder & CEO, Chayn

Nishma Jethwa
Co-Founder, End Cyber Abuse

Jacey Kan
Senior Advocacy Officer, Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women


Annie Seifullah
Associate, C.A. Goldberg;
Co-Chair, New York Cyber Abuse Task Force

Lindsey Song
Deputy Director, Courtroom Advocates Project, Sanctuary for Families;
Co-Chair, New York Cyber Abuse Task Force