A Conversation with Tanya Selvaratnam

Assume Nothing: A Story about Intimate Violence

Join us for a conversation with Tanya Selvaratnam, documentary filmmaker, feminist activist and author, and Jennifer Friedman, Sanctuary’s Director of the Bronx and Manhattan Legal Project, about Tanya’s journey and how it has paved the way for a next wave of #MeToo focused on intimate partner violence in committed relationships

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Documentary filmmaker, feminist activist and author Tanya Selvaratnam never imagined she would fall victim to intimate partner violence when she first met Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. She also never imagined she would join the #MeToo movement as his most public accuser when she first reached out to Sanctuary attorney Jennifer Friedman for guidance and support.

In her memoir, Assume Nothing: A Story about Intimate Violence, Tanya chronicles her painful experience of isolation, control, and abuse, how she extricated herself from it, and her decision to come forward against the top law enforcement officer of New York State.

Purchase a copy of Assume Nothing: A Story about Intimate Violence HERE.