Our Client Grievance Policy

The purpose of this Client Grievance Policy is to assure those clients who experience problems in the course of their interaction with Sanctuary for Families can seek a resolution for such problems in an equitable manner without retribution.


Clients shall have the opportunity to express themselves regarding problems or concerns they may be experiencing. Clients may also wish to report unethical behavior, harassment, or discrimination. This policy is intended to provide multiple reporting methods, without fear of retaliation or discrimination. This policy also provides an escalation and appeal process.

You have a right to make a complaint using one of the methods outlined on this page.  Sanctuary for Families expects that staff members do not discriminate or retaliate in any way against you because you have expressed a complaint. 

If you have a complaint

Sometimes a problem or a concern may arise in the course of your experience with Sanctuary for Families. This may include unethical behavior, harassment, or discrimination. To resolve your issue most quickly, we encourage you to first share your concerns with a staff member most directly involved, or a supervisor in the program.  If you are not comfortable doing so or not satisfied with the response, you can talk to the Director of your Program. You may also direct your complaint to the Sanctuary for Families Ethics Mailbox at ClientGrievance@sffny.org. Details about how to make a complaint are provided below.