Simon Kwon: 2023 Pillars of Change Honoree

For the last two years, Simon Kwon has devoted his time and skills as a volunteer tutor in various roles at Sanctuary for Families. Simon joined Sanctuary’s weekly virtual homework help sessions through a partnership with NYU’s Dean’s Service Honors Corp in the height of the pandemic. When educational support was greatly needed for some of the most vulnerable student-aged clients at Sarah Burke House, Sanctuary’s large transitional shelter, Simon provided a constant presence during an otherwise uncertain time.

Simon stated, “The tutoring program gives students the opportunity to supplement the learning they do in school in a more personal, slower-paced context.” Sanctuary’s tutoring programs help with academic support and create a safe, empowering space for growth. Simon recalled the memorable moment when his first student read a complete sentence independently, “Focusing on one student this semester has allowed me to watch his steady progress, which is the most rewarding aspect of any teaching role. Sating the curiosity and the natural appetite for learning of a young student has always been a gift.”

Simon’s first grade student said, “I learn about shapes, measuring, writing, and reading”. When asked about his tutoring sessions with Simon, he replied, “I love him so much. Have a great day Mr. Simon”.

Hope Faison, Manager of Volunteer Relations, has seen firsthand how Simon’s commitment to Sanctuary extends beyond his passion and dedication to tutoring:

“Simon has shown tremendous commitment to our clients through the last several years of tutoring support while being a full-time student at NYU. He continues to show up for our clients by providing educational support and desires to extend his support by making an impact with our legal team in the near future.”

All of us at Sanctuary for Families are grateful for Simon’s expertise and continued support.

To learn more about Simon and his work, please join us on April 20th from 6:00 – 7:30 PM at Pillars of Change.

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