Jennifer Barry: 2022 Pillars of Change Honoree

Over the past year, Jennifer Barry has devoted her time and skills as a volunteer attorney with Sanctuary for Families. She has worked alongside Jennifer Friedman (Director, Bronx and Manhattan Legal Project & Policy) to bring awareness to policy issues in family law.

Jennifer Friedman describes Jennifer Barry as being committed, dedicated, and professional.

Jennifer has organized and facilitated 10 round table sessions – each over 2.5 hours long – with family law expert practitioners that focused on the challenges survivors of gender violence face in the New York City legal system. These sessions brought to light a multitude of pressing issues Sanctuary clients and others face in family court, including systematic bias. Jennifer also drafted a report, documenting the process and conclusions of that roundtable, which will provide valuable insight to those who didn’t take part in the sessions.

Most recently, Jennifer has become an instrumental part of the planning team for an upcoming two-day conference that will further address the challenges and posit solutions to issues impacting survivors of gender violence. Jennifer Friedman stated, “I never could have gotten this large-scale project off the ground without Jennifer! She has been working alongside me for over a year, and her collaboration and contributions have been an enormous help.”

All of us at Sanctuary for Families are grateful for Jennifer’s expertise and invaluable support.

To learn more about Jennifer and her work, please join us on April 27th from 12:30 – 1 PM at our virtual Pillars of Change.

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